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AC Maintenance

Looking for timely heating & air conditioning service in AC Maintenance? Contact us today at 619-202-5726.

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AC Maintenance in Poway, CA

If you’re experiencing issues with your heating & air conditioning system in AC Maintenance, give us a call–we’re already on our way! Call our office at 619-202-5726 or schedule your service online. 

Make your California property feel as pleasant as it looks with AC maintenance in Poway, CA. Call 760-718-1790 to schedule services with Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating. 

Keep your air conditioning system in perfect working order with a little help from our technicians. 

Affectionately known as “The City in the Country,” Poway, California, earned its nickname due to its exceptional peach orchards and vineyards. You might enjoy a hike at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve followed by a glass of locally crafted wine at Old Coach Vineyards. 

However, no small luxury compares to the relief you feel when entering your air-conditioned home or business. Protect that luxurious comfort with maintenance services from Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating in Poway, California. 

What Happens During a Maintenance Service in Poway, California?

Protecting your HVAC system begins with a reputable service provider in your area. At Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating, we fit the bill perfectly. Our fine-tuned maintenance process involves:

  1. A complete unit inspection. We look at the indoor and outdoor units, checking for visible damage or other things that may affect performance. 
  2. Tidying up the system. Next, we remove debris around each unit and replace your old filter. Our technicians will also remove and clean the condenser and evaporator coils to keep the system running smoothly. 
  3. Giving each electrical connection a once-over. Wires and plugins are sensitive and can become loose or disconnected. If we discover they don’t fit snuggly, we will reconnect them. 
  4. Replenishing the coolant. You can’t maintain comfort in Poway, California, without sufficient refrigerant! Our technicians will top it off and examine the network for leaks. 
  5. Testing your air conditioner to ensure it works. Finally, we take your HVAC system for a test drive, so to speak. Our work is complete if it runs smoothly. 

One of the bonuses for choosing our team is that we’ll tackle repairs on the spot. You can avoid future calls and enjoy more bang for your buck when you pick our Poway team to maintain your air conditioner. 

How Does AC Maintenance in Poway, CA, Benefit Your Home or Business?

Many property owners in the United States skip over their HVAC systems’ basic maintenance needs. Perhaps they think they’ll save money. We like to think that if they knew the benefits, they’d hurry to contact their local air conditioning company. 

After all, living in a place like Poway, California, where temperatures can climb well into the mid-90s, means you should take extra care of your indoor and outdoor air conditioning units. AC maintenance in Poway, CA, can make your property:

  • More energy efficient. A clean, well-maintained unit doesn’t work as hard or use as much energy to supply comfort.
  • More comfortable. You’ll enjoy more even air distribution throughout your home. 
  • Healthier. A cleaner system improves your indoor air quality by removing allergens more efficiently. 
  • More cost effective. You could pay less for future repairs and subsequent utility bills while ensuring your current system lasts longer. 

When Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner in Poway, California?

We recommend scheduling a maintenance service for your Poway property between March and April. That way, you can verify that your system is ready to handle the intense summer heat. Older systems may need maintenance in spring and late summer or early autumn to ensure they make it through the hottest seasons. 

Book Maintenance Services for Your Poway Property From Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating

Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating services Poway, California, and surrounding communities with reputable heating and cooling services. We help with ductwork, thermostats, and other HVAC aspects for homes and businesses. Call 760-718-1790 to book a service with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our technicians answered some routine customer questions below. See if we responded to yours or contact us to learn more. 

What Happens If I Don’t Keep My Air Conditioner Clean?

If you don’t keep your air conditioner clean, you could pay higher utility costs and set your system up for premature replacement. A dirty, clogged unit can’t cycle properly without overworking or overheating. 

How Often Should I Service My Cooling System?

You should service your cooling system at least once yearly. Since Poway, CA features mild winters and a longer warm season, our technicians sometimes recommend twice-yearly maintenance services, especially for aging systems. 

Is Professional AC Maintenance in Poway, CA, Expensive?

Professional AC maintenance in Poway, CA, isn’t expensive, especially compared to the repair needs you’ll incur without it. In fact, maintenance can save money by decreasing energy bills, preventing repairs, and prolonging your system’s lifespan.

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Pourina was very professional and respectful of our time. Been using Bob since 2017 never had a problem with them
Pouria did a wonderful job! Very professional, left the area clean and explained everything they were doing. So glad Bob Jenson is there for us. Thank you!!!!
Great service from our service tech Pourvia. He explained things well, is professional and went out of his way with the circumstances for where our air conditioning unit is. Highly recommend. Thank you!!
Pouria is the BEST!!! He came out to service our 20+ year old unit and brought to our attention some serious issues. He explained everything to us in great detail. If you need your unit serviced, ask for him. He is both professional and courteous and a great representative of Bob Jensen.
Excellent service by the. serviceman, he was very friendly and informative. Javier Alzate Zambada was very professional and informative. Great customer service.Great job. Thank you
Abrahan Brito and Jorge Curiel did a great job installing our new AC system and new ductwork. They worked diligently in a challenging space to get the job done efficiently. Thanks also to Tom who evaluated our needs and worked out a great deal for us.
First I want to thank Cyrus and Connor for their attention to detail while servicing my Mini splits and giving suggestions to keep the system running at peak performance. I also had Bob Jensen come to my mothers home as her AC was not working. As it turned out the system needed replacing and Connor and Cyrus again helped me by not just giving me a quote but giving me options for systems. They presented four different heat/AC systems with prices from top of line to very basic, answering my questions for each. A very positive experience.I was very concerned with the timing of installation as we had hot weather in the forecast. Much to my surprise Javier and Greg the installers were able to come the next day. The install took the better part of the day and by afternoon we had AC for my 93 year old Mom. Javier and Greg worked hard to complete the project and get my Mom's home comfortable. Javier answered all questions in detail and at the end of the day they cleaned up.I am very pleased with Cyrus, Connor, Javier and Greg for their excellent work. A very professional company. Thank you
Pouria was a gentleman, professional, thorough and pleasant
Pouria came to fix our AC unitHe did a very good job
Pouria did a great job for my A/C maintenance. He arrived on-time, was polite, and worked efficiently on the A/C system.
Always have a great experience with Bob Jenson. Recently, we had our maintenance and Pouria Ziari was our technician. He was very courteous, and nice. He checked, and explained everything he did in great detail. Highly recommend.
We had Javier Zambada and David Brito out to service our air conditioner and are very pleased with their attention to detail on our entire system. They inspected our air ducts and explained how they functioned. We highly recommend this company.
Tom came out next day to repair our A/C unit. He was fast, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and he took the time to clearly explain what the problem was and how he fixed it. The price was less than I anticipated. The office staff was very friendly and I would highly recommend Tom as a technician and Bob Jensen Air Conditioning and Heating.
Salesman: Mike DaLuzInstallation Team: Javier Zambada, Luis Garcia, David BritoOffice Contact: Michelle JenkinsProject: 3 Ton Lennox A/C condenser install; reroute drain line and copper refrigerant line****No slackers on this crew! Each of the above-named individuals provided exceptional service - as promised. They showed professionalism and courtesy throughout the whole install.Mike patiently and satisfactorily answered ALL of my many questions about various aspects of the purchase process and the items being purchased; he responded to my calls and texts in a very timely fashion - a rare thing to find these days! Javier kept his team moving while providing good attention to detail, maintained tidiness in both setting up and tearing down, and showed respect for my home and its fixtures. They arrived on time and clearly explained the goals to be achieved each day. Michelle rounded out this great team effort by providing superb follow-up with regard to ensuring that the final pieces of the install (certification and permitting) were completed in a very timely fashion, and by tidying up all the "loose ends" (another rarity these days!). She ALSO was the person who answered my initial inquiry and then correctly relayed my info to Mike for him to contact me.I haven't had to really run the unit very much thus far, but I expect it to perform as advertised and feel confident that I will receive the continued excellent service that I have come to expect from Bob Jenson A/C should any problems or concerns arise!My husband found this company
I had the greatest team: Tom, Antonio, and Ivan, who evaluated and replaced my 27 year old A/C unit. It was a long, hard installation because of limited access to the attic space for replacing the cooling unit, but Antonio and Ivan stuck with it for more than 10 hours to get the job done. I am very grateful for their hard work and positive attitudes throughout the day. I'm excited for the next 27 years of great air conditioning. Thanks guys!! I wanted to add that Tom evaluated my unit on Thursday, found that the compressor was gone. The unit was so old, that replacing the parts weren't possible. The new unit was installed the next day. So happy to have A/C back!
Brandon and Abraham were my technicians they did a great job on our insulation duct work they were so helpful in explaining how the cooling system works and how to efficiently run the unit gave us tips on keeping my home cool while using less energy. They were great would highly recommend Lew
Pouria and Greg did a great job!
Pourier and Greg just finished a very thorough check of my A/C system. They were both very polite and friendly, wore shoe booties to keep my carpet clean (always appreciated), and made sure all components of my system were good to go for summer. Great job! I appreciate the attention to detail and knowledge Pourier demonstrated. Thanks Bob Jenson A/C!
UPDATE: BIG Shout Out to CRISTIAN today. As we have renewed or Maintenance Contract for another 5 yrs, we have had the chance to have more of the team of technicians come and do the maintenance. This has been a very good experience as I have found these folks to well trained, efficient and take excellent care of our home, furnishings and equipment.Cristian was the technician who was on the job today. He was clear about what he would, asked good questions about the systems performance, worked quickly, quietly and efficiently to complete the maintenance. Every part is super clean. As he left, he made suggestions about improvements and we are happy. Thx Cristian.ORIGINAL: We found Bob Jenson by referral from a long time neighbor. Bob Jenson's sales team designed a whole house HVAC System for our 1922 Craftsman Bungalow and their technicians installed the "Mini-split" Fujitsu system in 2017. We have continued with Bob Jenson's maintenance program and are very satisfied with the services. We recommend them to our friends.
Bob Jensen did a fabulous job replacing our heater. Javier Z., Pouria Z., & Abraham were quick, clean, personable & explained everything so we didn't feel like idiots. We will call & ask for them if we need anything else. Great service!
Pouria came promptly to my office to fix the HVAC unit and solve the leak.Thanks to Pouria!!
Javier and Greg came by yesterday to do the bi-yearly check on my furnace/AC unit. Since it’s almost summer, they focused on the AC. They cleaned the unit for me, inspected everything, changed the filter in the furnace, inspected the ductwork and made recommendations they thought would be helpful. Javier also took time to explain everything they did. They were very respectful and thorough. This is a great team. 🙂
Always great job by their techs. Cristian was very informative with all my questions.
Pouria came out today to service our HVAC system. He was very thorough and professional. Thank you Pouria. And all the dogs loved him as well
Pouria did a great job servicing our system. Very courteous and professional. Highly reccomend!
Pouria came out to service my air conditioning unit today. It was his second visit to my home; the first was an incredibly difficult install done in August 2023. Pouria is beyond polite, considerate, knowledgable and kind, informing me of the process every step of the way. He listens to any concerns and really cares. I signed up for the membership today as a result of his professionalism and sincerity. So glad he is part of the team.Update...a week passed and a problem occurred with the Air Conditioning. Not to worry. I had signed up for the membership and I am soooo glad I did!!! I called at 8:00 am and a technician arrived at 1:00 pm. Wow...This company keeps their word....and they keep in touch every step of the way. It doesn't get better than this. Tom, one of the most experienced technicians ever, figured out the problem right away and it turned out to be electrical, nothing to do with the a/c unit itself. He solved the problem quickly and I was so relieved, especially since this involved my rental. Extremely courteous, efficient, knowledgable, safety minded and smart... can't say enough. Tom is a Ten!!!
Pouria was out today for my semi-annual inspection. He did a great job and answered all my questions. Great representative for your company.
I had the pleasure of meeting Pouria and Conor. They were polite and thorough. I hope to see them next time.😊
Portia was Very professional, prompt & efficient
Antonio, Ivan and Abraham, my team frim Bob Jenson installed my new Heating and Cooling System. They were respectful and conscientious while they worked in my condo. i also observed great teamwork. I could tell my apt. Interior contents were in safe hands while they worked and they cleaned up very well when they finished the job.
Pouria was very personable and professional. Answered all my questions. Will certainly continue with Bob Jenson in the future and would definitely recommend.
Pouria was quick and efficient when he came to check on my HVAC system.
Pouria is very professional and thoughtful in the air conditioning visit, it was my first time with him and highly recommend him!!!
Tom was super knowledgeable and was very good at quickly diagnosing the problem with my AC. He was able to clearly explain not just what went wrong, but also what caused it and what I can expect in the future.There are parts changers who just make guesses and then there are technicians who can diagnose and repair. Tom is definitely the latter! 👏🏻His professionalism and expertise was the reason I joined their maintenance club program in order to extend the life of my AC system.A+ service!2024 UPDATE: We bought a whole new HVAC system and Brandon and Brian were just as awesome as Tom! A bunch of little challenges popped up along the way and they both went above and beyond. Not only did they do a top notch job making sure the system was installed properly, but also made everything look pretty too! A+!!
Conor and Pouria arrived on time, performed diagnostics, provided a detailed explanation of everything they were doing, and provided a workable and timely solution. Excellent customer service, friendly and personable. Great job guys!!!
Pouria came out to service my HVAC unit. He was courteous, and professional throughout the visit and completed the service/inspection in a timely manner.
Great worker Pouria
Pouria was an outstanding technicianThorough, polite and respectful, much thanks 👍
Pouria did the maintenance on our air conditioner system, with his great customer service and expert knowledge…and wonderful smile it was a pleasure having him here today!
Pouria was very helpful and informative on unit at my new house.
Cristian was nice, courteous, very knowledgeable, did a great job on servicing my unit, and took the time to explain everything to me.I definitely recommend him for future service.
I'm working this on behalf of my mom, M. C., who had your wonderful team install a new air conditioning system at her house. She was very satisfied with the treatment she received from Antonio, Luis, Jorge, Greg, Connor, and Marcos, and would not hesitate to use your company again in the future. Their kindness, honesty and attention to detail won her over. Thank you!
Cyrus is an excellent technician. Explains things really well. Knowledgable and thorough.Update: Cyrus returned with Bernard for a follow up service due to a problem with one or our ductless ac/heating units. Alot of glass got into the unit from a large shattered window. They meticulously dismantled the unit to clean it and then reassembled it. Thanks for your good work guys!
Bob Jensen installed air conditioning in my house. They did an excellent job. The Crew were terrific. I would definitely recommend for service or installation.Javier Zambada performed a maintenance check on my heating system today. He was courteous, friendly and made a point of informing me of any problems and made great recommendations. I would honestly recommend Bob Jensen H/C for any work. 4/16/2024**Another outstanding job by technicians Brian and Antonio installing a new forced air furnace. They did an outstanding job. They were friendly and professional. Each immediately introduced themselves and finished their installation on a professionally and efficiently.Definitely recommend Bob Jensen Air and Heating.Earlene Hollmichel***I’m back with another excellent review. I needed two minor adjustments to my furnace. Javier and Antonio were efficient and very professional when they made the adjustments. They were very friendly and very courteous. I very much recommend Bob Jensen and his staff.Earlene Hollmichel
Christian was here for an hour performing our springtime service call . Very thorough and professional!!!
Pouria was courteous and helpful with my problem
Curtis and Greg came to perform annual maintenance on my really old home ac and furnaces. They were efficient and got the work done quickly even though they took the time to show me what was going on inside the units. It made me remember why we always use Bob Jenson, transparency and honesty. The recommendations they gave were focused on the safety of my home and not the sale. Thank you Curtis and Greg and the team at Bob Jenson!
These guys wore me out just watching them working on a pretty big heat pump/air handler installation here at my house. Mike, Brandon, David, and Greg did a great job. I appreciate the attention to detail and patience answering all my questions.
This is our 2nd time using Bob Jenson Heating and A/C..We used them 30 years ago when we purchased our home and we just used them again updating our system. Out with the old and in with the new. The crew at Bob Jenson A/C is truly the best. They go above and beyond to please the customer and do the job perfectly. From the estimate given by Mike to the team that did the tear down and the install, Antonio, Abraham, Brian and Marcos, they worked together perfectly. Before they leave, they make sure you can operate your new system like a pro. I would recommend Bob Jenson A/C and Heating to anyone who appreciates and expects quality work. In my opinion they are the best!
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