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Why Ductless Air Conditioning Should be your Next Comfort System

Ductless Air Conditioning – Why Consider it?

How comfortable are you right now?

You’re probably not comfortable enough if you don’t have ductless air conditioning. San Diego residents have a lot of ways to cool their homes year round, but no systems offer the same level of all-around comfort and efficiency that ductless air conditioning does.

Think about it: window units and central systems are loud, extremely heavy, and hard to install, and they fail to maintain a constant temperature, especially when they’re called on to cool multiple rooms. And forget installing a duct system behind your walls if you don’t already have one—you’ll destroy your current living space and will most likely need a whole home renovation to cover the construction.

Interested in what ductless air conditioning is all about? Continue reading to learn all about how to make your home as comfy as it can be—without cutting into your life savings.

What’s a Duct?

If your home is older, or you live in an apartment or condo with thin walls, you probably don’t have ductwork installed. Ducts are essentially lightweight, insulated tubes behind your walls or in your attic that originate from a central HVAC system and lead to all the rooms of your home. These tend to leak over the years and lower system efficiency.

In older homes and houses with thin walls, a duct-based cooling system isn’t viable. In most cases, there simply isn’t the room to put flexible piping behind the walls or attic space; in other cases, it would mean the destruction of beautiful hardwood or the current decor.

This all amounts to one thing: you’re looking at quite a cost to have ducts installed in your home.

Why Go Ductless?

Ductless air conditioners are much, much easier to install and maintain—and since no major home reconstruction is required, they’re much cheaper too.

Ductless Air Conditioning Explained

Here’s how ductless air conditioning works: there are two major components, the larger outdoor unit and the smaller indoor unit, that act like efficient radiators to remove the unwanted heat from a room and provide comfortable cool air in return. The slim outdoor unit houses a compressor that pumps eco-friendly refrigerant thru small tubes to the indoor coil where it soaks up the heat from the home and returns back to the outdoor coil where it transfers it to the outside. If you ever put your hand over the outdoor fan you’ll feel the heat being released!

The indoor unit is generally mounted along the ceiling of an exterior wall where it can easily create cool air for your home while simultaneously removing warm air through its coil.  Ductless units can be installed in many different locations because of their compact sizes and configurations. Since the indoor unit is installed directly onto the wall or in the ceiling, you won’t need a window unit any longer and are now free to see outside!

Benefits of Ductless

So now that you have a general idea of how the system works, we can go over the many benefits.

  • Your comfort. Ductless air conditioners are extremely proficient at maintaining a temperature you set via thermostat; its air recycling process ramps up to just what you need so you won’t hear the loud bangs and groans your old window unit or central system used to make, and you won’t experience fluctuating temperatures while you sleep—which is especially ideal if you have children or elderly family members beneath your roof.
  • Ease of maintenance. Since there are only two units and the intermediate tubing, troubleshooting and conducting preventative maintenance is much easier than if you have to search for problems behind walls or move a clunky window unit from a window.
  • Cost. Ductless air conditioning is highly efficient—both at supplying cool air and at saving you money. Ductless air conditioning doesn’t suffer the issues of losing energy through leaky ductwork so you can avoid a big utility bill.  Also a ductless system can vary its output so you don’t over cool your home. This type of cooling doesn’t strain the system and allows the machine to work at peak efficiency for a longer amount of time. Fewer repairs mean lower costs.

Easy Installation

The technicians at Bob Jenson know a thing or two about ductless air conditioning. After all, we’ve been making people just like you comfortable in their own homes since the mid-70s. Our work is 100% guaranteed, and we only align ourselves with the best equipment—and the best employees. Our highly trained technicians are Safety Seal Certified and up-to-date on the modern techniques, procedures, codes and safety requirements.

Wasn’t it just the holidays? Summer in San Diego is coming fast. Are you ready to sweat it out for months with your old HVAC system? Call our office today to learn how easy it is to finally get comfortable.

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