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Ductwork Services In El Cajon, CA!

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Ductwork Repair And Replacement Services

Your HVAC unit could not do its job without ductwork. The ducts and vents in your attic or underneath your home help air flow to maintain a consistent temperature. Like your HVAC unit, the ductwork needs regular maintenance to keep working.

If you think you have damaged ductwork, Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating in El Cajon, CA knows what to do. We will check your ductwork for all types of damage — from rodent infestation to mold growth — and remedy the problem to keep you safe and comfortable.

Signs Of Damaged Ductwork

Since ductwork is mostly hidden, it can be hard to know whether it needs repair. The following are some clues your ductwork needs professional maintenance:

  • Visible dust in and around your air vents
  • A foul odor from your vents
  • Little to no air coming out of your vents when the unit is running
  • Unusually high energy bills

Any of these signs could indicate the need for a ductwork service appointment. Without professional maintenance, the problem will continue to grow, eventually causing your HVAC unit to stop working completely.

Ductwork Repair And Maintenance

If you schedule annual ductwork maintenance with our team, we will look for signs of damage or too much dust and clean your ductwork before it deteriorates entirely. We will look for holes, which are like vacancy signs for pests. Small animals like rodents can enter your home through holes in the ductwork, leading to an infestation within a matter of weeks.

We will clean the vents and replace the filter, ensuring the air circulating throughout your home is clean. We will measure the humidity level inside your home and ensure no mold is present within your ductwork.

If we find any signs of damage during a maintenance service appointment, we will repair the area before larger damage occurs. If the damage is beyond repair, we will recommend ductwork replacement to restore functionality.

When To Replace Ductwork

How do you know when to replace ductwork instead of scheduling a repair? With normal use, you can typically get by with a repair to keep it running. However, there are times when ductwork replacement in El Cajon, CA and surrounding areas is the best option.

For instance, if your home has been through a disaster like a flood or fire, your ductwork may be damaged beyond repair. Even if the ductwork is intact, such as after a flood, excess moisture could lead to a mold infestation.

In the event of a fire, ductwork can absorb smoke, and the odor will linger until you replace it. If you opt not to replace your ductwork after a major event, you could end up with a respiratory illness.

Ductwork Services In El Cajon, CA

Damaged ductwork can prevent your HVAC unit from controlling the temperature in your home. It can lead to mold, which can cause serious health problems. If your ductwork has holes, rodents could infest your home.

Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating provides ductwork maintenance and replacement for El Cajon, CA, and nearby areas. Call 619-440-5634 to schedule service with our team or get your free estimate.

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