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Heating Replacement And Installation For Southern California Homeowners!

Your heater should last around 15 years with regular maintenance. At some point, however, it will reach the end of its lifespan, and you will need to call an HVAC company in El Cajon, CA and surrounding areas to install a new one.

Most people think they should put off new heating installation until their existing heater stops working completely, but that isn’t always the case. When you know the signs to look for, you can call Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating in El Cajon, CA for experienced heating repair or replacement and avoid discomfort from a heating breakdown.

Signs Your Heater Is Not Working Properly

Your heater will exhibit signs of distress long before it stops working completely. By catching those signs early, we can replace individual components instead of the entire heater. You’ll want to look for the following:

  • Inconsistent Temperature: Your house is too hot in some areas and too cold in others. A distressed heater will work overtime and still fail to heat your house properly.
  • Bad Odor: There is a musty or mechanical smell emanating from your heater.
  • Unusually High Heating Bills: Your monthly heating bill has spiked, but your house is still too cold.

Any of the above scenarios should prompt a call to a professional heating technician who can evaluate your heater. We will perform any necessary repairs or guide you through the heater replacement process if we determine that replacing your heater is the best course of action.

Benefits Of Heating Replacement

Don’t let the cost of heating installation keep you from upgrading to a new heating unit. If your existing heater is over 15 years old, you will benefit from the new heating installation in more ways than you might expect.

Lower Heating Bills

Newer heating units heat your home more efficiently, making your home more comfortable than ever. You will see lower monthly heating bills, and your home will stay warm and cozy without worry.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You may not realize indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality. A heater working as it should filters out pollen, dirt, and mold spores. When you install a new heating unit, your indoor air quality will improve, which can help relieve allergy symptoms.

Less Frequent Repairs

It’s normal for parts of a heater to wear out over the years. A heater can last over a decade, but the components may only last a few years. The components of newer units are more durable than their older counterparts. That means you will spend less on repairs overall, making the upfront cost of installation well worth it in the long run.

Heater Replacement In El Cajon, CA

Since 1977, Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating has provided quality heating installation in El Cajon and nearby areas. After installing a new heater in your home, we will do everything we can to ensure it lasts as long as possible with regular maintenance to detect early signs of damage. Call the Bob Jenson team at 619-440-5634 with any questions or to schedule service.

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