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A Local’s Guide To San Diego

October 25, 2023

San Diego is not only our base for Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating but also our team’s beloved home. From its sun-kissed beaches to its bustling neighborhoods, every corner of San Diego radiates warmth and vibrancy. Whether you’re a seasoned resident of San Diego or just breezing through, the city offers an array of local treasures waiting to be explored.

While popular sites like the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park are undoubtedly iconic, there’s a world of locally owned spots that give San Diego its genuine charm. This guide sheds light on some of these gems, as recommended by our professional team at Bob Jenson Heating and Air Conditioning.

Places To Eat In San Diego

San Diego, California’s culinary tapestry mirrors its vibrant culture and scenic beauty. While the Bob Jenson team is busy ensuring homes stay cool, we often reminisce about our favorite local eateries that define the city’s flavor.

Phil’s BBQ

At the heart of Point Loma lies Phil’s BBQ, an establishment that’s been serving tantalizing barbecued treats since 1998. Its laid-back ambiance, coupled with the tantalizing aroma of barbecued ribs and chicken, makes it a staple for many, including the Bob Jenson team.

After a day of heating and AC repairs in San Diego, nothing beats indulging in their signature ‘El Toro’ or ‘Broham’ sandwiches. Their commitment to quality and community resonates with our ethos at Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating.

El Zarape

When it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine in San Diego, few places parallel El Zarape. Their array of scrumptious seafood dishes and traditional tacos makes them stand out. Our technicians have been known to discuss the zest of their Scallop Burritos during breaks from AC and heating maintenance in San Diego, CA. It’s a place that mirrors the warm and vibrant culture of San Diego, much like the service warmth we provide.


No trip to San Diego is complete without relishing a burger from Hodad’s. This iconic joint, with its quirky décor and electrifying atmosphere, serves burgers that are nothing short of legendary. Between our HVAC replacement tasks in San Diego, we often daydream of their colossal, juicy burgers paired with a chilled beer. Their commitment to fresh ingredients mirrors our dedication to quality service.

Extraordinary Desserts

San Diego, CA’s sweet secret, Extraordinary Desserts, is a place that turns desserts into art pieces. Their handcrafted cakes, pastries, and confections are a testament to culinary excellence. Our team, after a rigorous day of ensuring San Diego’s HVAC systems run smoothly, often indulges in their gourmet delights, reminiscing about flavors ranging from Valrhona chocolate to fresh, tropical fruits.

Things To Do In San Diego

San Diego, with its coastal charm and vibrant spirit, offers a plethora of activities for both locals and tourists. The Bob Jenson team frequently finds ourselves discussing the amazing outdoor experiences our city offers.

La Jolla Cove

Nestled in San Diego, CA’s picturesque coastline, La Jolla Cove is a haven for snorkelers, divers, and nature enthusiasts. Its clear waters and abundant marine life make it a mesmerizing spectacle. After a day of AC and heating repairs in San Diego, CA, many of our team members love to unwind by the Cove, soaking in the sunset views. It’s a gentle reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds our daily hustle.

USS Midway Museum

A testament to San Diego’s rich naval history, the USS Midway Museum offers an immersive experience aboard one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers. It’s a place that takes you through history, air combat, and naval operations. Many of our technicians cherish spending their weekends here, diving deep into tales of maritime might and valor.

Balboa Park

A marvel in itself, Balboa Park boasts lush gardens, renowned museums, and the iconic San Diego Zoo. It’s a place where art, nature, and history intertwine. Whenever we’re not engaged in AC or heating repairs in San Diego, you can often find members of our team jogging through its trails or attending a weekend event. Balboa Park encapsulates the cultural heart of San Diego, just as Bob Jenson embodies the city’s spirit of service.

Liberty Public Market

San Diego’s culinary scene finds a vibrant representation at Liberty Public Market. This bustling marketplace offers an array of gourmet treats, artisan goods, and craft beers. Between our tasks of ensuring seamless heating and AC replacement in San Diego, our team relishes quick bites or shopping for unique local products here. The market’s community-centric vibe resonates deeply with our ethos of local service and community engagement.

Local Businesses In San Diego

San Diego prides itself on a rich tapestry of local businesses that make up its essence. From artisan shops to service providers, these businesses are the lifeline of the community.

  • James Coffee Co.: This handcrafted coffee shop is a must-visit for anyone seeking the perfect brew. Located in the heart of San Diego, they offer an experience that goes beyond just coffee—it’s about community, artistry, and passion.
  • Baja Test Kitchen: A unique culinary experience that offers guided food and wine tours of Baja California. If you’re intrigued by the flavors south of the border, they are your ideal local guide.
  • Warwick’s: Located in La Jolla, Warwick’s is the oldest family-owned and operated bookstore in San Diego. They not only offer a vast selection of books but also gifts, office supplies, and an array of events.
  • Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating: Serving San Diego since 1977, Bob Jenson is the trusted name for both heating and AC repairs, replacements, and maintenance. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our team ensures comfort all year round.

Support Local In San Diego!

San Diego, CA is a city teeming with rich experiences, from its delectable cuisine to its pristine beaches and historic attractions. It’s a city where every street has a story, and every vista invites awe. For the team at Bob Jenson Air Conditioning & Heating, this city is more than just a workplace. It’s a community we’ve served for years, ensuring comfort in homes while enjoying the myriad pleasures San Diego, CA, offers.

As you explore the local spots, you might even bump into one of our team members, sharing your admiration for this magnificent city we call home. Call Bob Jenson, a local HVAC company in San Diego, for reliable heating and air conditioning services!

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