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Commercial Air Conditioning: Save Money and Create a Comfortable Workplace

Commercial Air Conditioning

Remember the days before air conditioning?

Of course not. Commercial air conditioning has changed the way people live—and the way companies do business—for the better. Don’t even think about operating in a professional environment in the vicinity of San Diego without air conditioning — or face a sure mutiny from your employees!

Consider installing a state-of-the-art HVAC system, even if you have a commercial air conditioning system already in place. Upgrading your old equipment can create a more comfortable atmosphere for you and your employees, and it can save you money. After all, isn’t that the bottom line?

Comfort without the Cost

Comfort means a lot of things to a lot of people, but those people definitely know when they are uncomfortable.

A commercial air conditioning system is designed for maximum comfort with the lowest amount of energy expenditure. This is achieved when the HVAC system’s temperature and humidity maintain constant levels regardless of the exterior temperature. Instead of increasing and decreasing the indoor environment to compensate for extreme heat and cold outside, the interior simply remains comfortable.

Take a minute to imagine a radiator heating your office. When that thing comes on, it just keeps putting out heat until everyone nearby is totally uncomfortable. This creates a poor environment, and therefore can decrease productivity among your employees.

Commercial air conditioning systems, though, allow you to set your system to whatever climate you desire. Since it’s totally automated, you won’t need to constantly adjust thermometer controls to make it comfortable. (And your employees will never have to fight over control to that coveted thermometer.)

Commercial Air Conditioning San Diego

Perfect For Office Environments

If you’re cooling your office building with window units or some other outdated method, you’re tossing money right out the window. Commercial air conditioning units use roof-mounted or exterior ground compressors, which decrease the noise level (perfect for a quiet office environment) and make maintenance much easier.

Those compressors feed cooled air into the ducts built in your office’s walls and ceilings and enter your workspace through inconspicuous vents. You’ll hardly notice the air conditioning effects at all. In fact, such a comfortable climate is created that your employees won’t notice how nice it was until they step outside into the San Diego summer sun.

Air Quality Control

Achieving an ideal temperature and humidity is obviously the main goal of a commercial air conditioning system. But it does have another function that can improve air quality by removing impurities and contaminants: air filtration.

Everything airborne, from larger pollen and mold spores to bacteria, auto emissions, and even microscopic viruses, can be filtered out of your workplace using specially designed filters. The higher the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating is, the smaller the particles that can be filtered.

That means your interior office climate won’t just be the perfect temperature and humidity, but the air itself will feel cleaner and fresher, and it will be, in fact, much healthier.

Talk about long-term budget implications—if your employees are breathing healthier air, their incidence of acquiring illness in your office can decrease significantly. Ergo, you’ll see a cost-savings in the healthcare budget and less missed work.

Budget Implications In The Future

Not only do you save money on health-related costs, you’ll save money through the ease and efficiency of maintenance as well. The thing about a commercial air conditioner is that it’s not only set up to maintain a controlled environment, but it’s also set up for easy repairs should that environment become unsatisfactory.

Due to years of experience in commercial HVAC, the experts at Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating can arrive quickly, begin repairs quickly, and get your office back to normal. We even offer commercial HVAC maintenance plans that fit into any business’s budget—and it’s a good idea to perform preventative maintenance on a commercial system, especially before the heat of summer.

Talk to the Commercial Air Conditioning Experts!

Call us for a free quote—Bob Jenson Air Conditioning and Heating’s skilled technicians are ready to give you a quote and help answer all your questions about our commercial air conditioning products and installation. Summer is quickly approaching—get your new air conditioning system installed before the summer heat and your employees may just prefer to be at work!

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