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10 Awesome Energy Saving Gadgets For Your Home

July 10, 2014

Gadgets to Save Your Home Energy Use

Saving energy at home makes a difference in your household’s carbon footprint and how much money you spend on utilities. Take a look at a few energy-saving gadgets you should be using at home to accomplish both of these tasks:

Evolve Water Saving Shower Head

1) Evolve Showerheads

Ever heard of a smart showerhead? Well, this is about as close as it comes. The showerhead goes from full blast to a trickle when the water temperature reaches 95 degrees, conserving water while you handle other bathroom tasks, like brushing your teeth. The showerhead is also low-flow, which increases the efficiency of its use during the entire showering process.

Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock

2) Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock

While we are on the topic of water, how about using it instead of electricity to fuel a bedroom electronic staple? This alarm clock requires no battery or power cord. Instead, it uses the electrodes from water to produce a current that displays time for two to three months on just one fill up.

Nest Thermosat

3) Nest Smart Thermostat System

Typical thermostats require you to program them every time you want to adjust the temperature of your home but cannot actually tell who is in the building, enjoying the climate control. The Nest system uses sensors and its own algorithms to develop the most comfortable settings for when you are home and away and then puts those algorithms into action. It saves money while also offering plenty of convenience and comfort.

Thermal Leak Detector

4) Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector

With this energy-saving gadget, you can find and identify the places in your home where hot and cool air are escaping. From there, you can work to improve your heating and cooling system efficiency.

Bug Plugs

5) BugPlug

These power monitors completely shut down your appliances when you aren’t around to use or enjoy them through the use of motion sensors. You only have to program devices once for them to work properly.

Belkin Energy Saving USB Charging Station

6) Belkin Conservative Valet Energy-Saving USB Charging Station

This can charge up to four different devices and then automatically click off after four hours. It’s perfect for charging smartphones and tablets when you go to bed at night, but avoid charging them when they don’t need it.

Eco Mower

7) EcoMow Lawn Mower

What better way to conserve energy and reuse what is already available than to recycle waste? In this case, it is grass clippings that the lawn mower collects during its course around a yard. The grass that is not used for fuel during a mowing session is converted into a dried pellet that is usable in power generators.

Voltaic Solar Charger

8) Voltaic Amp Solar Charger

These small, portable chargers are perfect for traveling or even at home when you want to avoid a wall unit and harness the power of the sun instead. After just a single hour in the sun charging, this device can charge your phone for three hours of talk time.

Maestro Room Occupancy Sensor

9) Maestro Room Occupancy Sensor

Forget about flipping a switch or even clapping to turn lights on and off. This device can sense when people enter and exit rooms and will adjust the lighting based on this potential. Some of the models even have sensors that determine whether a light is necessary when a person comes into a room based on the amount of available sunlight.

Epiphany onE Puck

10) Epiphany onE Puck

This nifty, portable device is still being crowdfunded to become readily available to households everywhere, but keep an eye out for it. The “puck” serves as a coaster of sorts, and when anything warm is placed on it, the heat is converted to energy that can then charge cell phones. So you can drink your morning coffee and charge your phone at the same time, no extra energy needed.
With these cool gadgets, you’ll be living in style and saving energy all at once.

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