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3 Reasons Your AC/Heating System Needs Regular Maintenance

February 20, 2013

Why an Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Say it’s really, really hot outside. You hit a button to turn on your HVAC unit. Your home fills with cool air. You relax, and probably take a nap.

But while you’re enjoying that cool air, a lot is going on inside of your air conditioning and heating system that you don’t know about. Over time, lots of little things can go wrong, and eventually that air is circulating a temperature and other things that aren’t ideal.

This is preventable, however. Regular air conditioning maintenance can help counteract the natural wearing down a machine experiences over the course of its usable life. It’s the same reason you get your car and bike tuned up and the same reason you switch out the blades and spark plugs on your lawnmower.

If you can prevent a huge inconvenience (and price tag) with a little preemptive TLC, isn’t that worth the cost of regular maintenance? Here are three reasons your AC/heating system needs check-ups by proven professionals.

Dirt, Grime, Dust, Bugs, and Other Nasty Things

Believe it or not, there are bugs inside of your walls. There is also dirt, dust, grime and other nasty things that can get caught in your HVAC unit and cause damage. Now, that isn’t to say your walls are overflowing with spiders and centipedes; but even the few ladybugs or flies that collect over time can cause trouble.

Picture a logjam on a river. The same concept applies here. Your vents may need cleaning, or at least the filters on the HVAC unit itself. The good thing is that this is an easy fix, and our repairmen can get it done quickly when they come for your routine maintenance appointment.

One Errant Spin

Here’s a major problem that can occur over time without any obvious causes. Whenever a machine utilizes rotating parts, there is a chance that those parts will eventually get out of sync. Any number of things could cause this to happen: extreme temperature fluctuations, surges (which we will discuss in the next section), age, and even nothing at all.

As the fan becomes more and more out of sync, the components that depend on it and that it depends on will also cease to function perfectly. Without properly synched components, your AC and your heat may no longer work up to capacity.

Hopefully you have preventative maintenance conducted before this happens. The experts at Bob Jenson can identify and quickly repair any components of your HVAC unit that are beginning to lose sync or integrity before they become major projects.

Raw Tesla Power

And now we get to perhaps the scariest of possibilities: electrical surges. Your home is powered by an alternating current (thanks in great part to Nicola Tesla). This current, like any other source of electricity, is prone to surges from outside your home and within.

For example, if lightning strikes your home, there’s a very good chance that high voltage current will surge through your electrical wiring at a greater capacity than most electronics can handle. These unprotected electronics blow out, which is why surge protectors were invented. Imagine a piece of string with an enormous knot tied into the middle. If the string is electrical current, the knot is a high voltage surge.

Now picture a string with several small knots tied a few inches apart. These smaller knots represent surges that come from within your home. These are much, much less devastating in nature than lightning strikes, but they can still do damage.

The solution here is to have your repairman test your electrical system to ensure your HVAC unit is protected from both high voltage surges and those normal, everyday surges. He or she will be able to tell if your unit requires a replacement surge protection unit or if yours just needs a bit of tweaking.

We’ve listed three common reasons that your HVAC unit needs regular routine maintenance, but this is far from a comprehensive list. If you suspect that your unit is beginning to act abnormally, or if it is already showing signs of disrepair, call Bob Jenson and schedule your thorough checkup. As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine.

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Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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