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5 Home Improvement Highlights from Our Blog

July 13, 2017

Spreading Some HVAC Knowhow

Since 1977, Bob Jenson A/C has consistently delivered top-notch customer service, equipment installation, and system repairs in the greater San Diego area.

Forty years of experience has taught our dedicated team a thing or two about the ins and outs of home improvement. With that experience, comes a great responsibility: passing on the knowledge we’ve gained to benefit homeowners everywhere. When it comes to property upkeep, you don’t have to be an expert in every facet of home maintenance; you just have to know where to look to find the answers you need.

Through our dedicated blog, we strive to provide the comprehensive and practical answers our customers are looking for. Here are 5 of our favorite home improvement tips, featuring expert advice from our most recent blog posts:

1. Do HVAC Systems Increase Home Values?

If you’ve been thinking about impactful ways to increase your property value, this article is for you. This post is designed to help you decide whether an HVAC upgrade is worth the investment for your home. We specify what factors to consider, such as how often you should replace current HVAC models, and to what extent an upgrade can truly add value to your home. The post covers the cost saving incentives — both at the onset of homeownership, and when selling your property.

2. Home Buying Checklist

Purchasing a new home (or investment property) comes with an overwhelming number of things to consider — the least of which is how the home looks from the outside. This article guides you through the key questions to ask before you buy a home. Some of these questions will have an incredibly large impact on whether you say yes or no to the property. Plumbing, electrical systems, and basement problems are just a few of the many issues we cover in this blog post. With these tips, prospective homeowners can buy with confidence and address problems efficiently as they arise.

3. Sustainable Home Solutions [Infographic]

Families are faced with more decisions than ever when it comes to energy efficiency; and it’s hard to tell which “green” solutions will have the biggest influence on your home’s sustainability. We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce energy waste, through everything from improving indoor air quality to upgrading energy-draining appliances. Check out our stunning infographic detailing the four most impactful ways to maintain and improve your sustainable home.

4. Effective Insulation for Any Situation

One of the most important (and energy efficient) decisions a new homeowner can make is the choice of insulation for the attic. If you weren’t previously aware that there are different types of insulation, now is your chance to learn about them. From Batt Insulation to spray-on insulation, and everything in between, this blog post outlines what to expect from each insulation type — as well as which conditions each one performs best in. Selecting the right insulation will have a long-term impact on the efficiency of your home, and the cost of your energy bills.

5. Water Heater Q&A

Having trouble getting consistent hot water throughout your home? Hearing strange noises coming from your water heater? Our helpful Q&A provides the most common answers the age-old question: why does my water heater do that?

If you’ve ever noticed a bad odor or strange color in your water supply, this is the blog post you must read. With the average American spending one-third of his or her annual income on home improvement, it pays to understand what your water troubles may indicate — and whether you need to call a professional or not.

At Bob Jenson A/C, our aim is not only to provide affordable, safe, and efficient installation services; but to also offer informative guidance and advice to our customers. These five home improvement posts just scratch the surface of our expertise. Make sure to follow our blog for current advice from our experts, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a specific question.

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Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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