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Around the Web: What We’re Talking about at Bob Jenson

July 11, 2019

Although we make sure to keep our blog up to date with all the latest news and tips for heating and cooling your home, we also love to share our expertise across different external publications. Not only is it a great way to keep people informed, but connecting with new audiences is something we always enjoy doing. If we can help educate a new demographic of homeowners, then it’s a good day in our book.

In the spirit of keeping our readership in the know, we’ve put together a little round-up of some of our recent articles published on different websites. No matter where you read them, if an article comes from Bob Jenson, you know the home advice is worth following!

The Push Toward Gender Diversity In The HVAC Industry

Discussions of gender parity and inclusion in the workplace are prevalent across many industries — and for good reason. There are still lingering stigmas against certain jobs as being more traditionally done by men rather than women, and that goes for the HVAC industry as well – in fact, barely 1% of people working in heating, cooling, and refrigeration are women. It’s time to change that statistic.

In this piece for Facility Executive, we discussed how gender diversity is working its way into the HVAC industry, as well as some of the bonuses and unexpected benefits that come with being a woman working in HVAC. We also highlighted the good work of Women in HVACR, which provides scholarships and mentorships to young women looking to break into the industry.

There’s definitely a role for women within the HVAC industry, and we’re proud to help demonstrate how both minds and demographics are changing in this regard.

What EPA Budget Cuts Mean for Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be more closely associated with outdoor air quality, but they also have input over the health of indoor air as well. Unfortunately, the EPA is looking at a 23 percent reduction in funding for 2019, along with the elimination of its indoor air quality programs.

If you’re not sure what that means, hopefully our article for Buildings on how these budget cuts will affect indoor air quality will provide some clarity. For example, air pollutants can build up in your home, and prolonged exposure over many years can lead to health problems — especially if you’re not getting advice from the EPA on how to improve the quality of your indoor air. Plus, there’s “sick building syndrome,” which can be easily remedied by the EPA doing workplace inspections to ensure that there are no sources of hazardous fumes.

The effects of the EPA budget cuts may not be immediate, but there could potentially be much more sickness in the long run.

HVAC Considerations When Renovating or Flipping a Home

Lots of people love those home renovation shows on TV, but if you’re looking into taking on a renovation project yourself, you should be aware that HVAC is a vital piece of the puzzle – and one that shouldn’t be ignored. You’re going to want to go in with a game plan based on what you’ll need to implement a HVAC system within regulation.

If you need help in this department, we’ve got you covered in this piece from Realty Times. Whether it’s deciding on layout modifications or simply remembering that you’ll need to consider dust and dirt from the renovation itself, our list has the advice you need before you embark on that big home project.

3-D Printing Has the Ability to Drastically Improve HVAC Design

Being able to print things in 3-D may seem like a fun arts and crafts project, but it can also be incredibly beneficial to the HVAC industry. Think about how much more efficient heating and cooling design could be if we could simply print the parts we need!

For ACHR News, we discussed how 3-D printing may bring about a new future for HVAC design by providing quicker modeling capabilities, less of an environmental impact, and much more. Plus, by utilizing some of the most modern technology out there, the HVAC industry can demonstrate how progressive and exciting it can be to a new generation of job-seeking talent.

Why Big Data and Building Analytics Aren’t Going Anywhere

These days, designing a building isn’t just about physical construction. It’s also about using analytics and big data to create better residential and commercial buildings. Not only that, but the data that can be gathered by an HVAC system can play a huge role in ensuring that a building’s heating and cooling system runs more efficiently than ever.

Our piece for the IoT Global Network about the rise of building analytics shows how HVAC systems can provide far more accurate numbers than traditional meter data, as well as the different ways that machine learning can account for shifting conditions in building design.

HVAC Knowledge is Power

Those are just a few of our favorite Bob Jenson pieces from around the web — and we always have more coming down the pipeline. In the meantime, check out our blog to read up on heating and cooling, air quality, and how to save energy in your home — and contact us if you have questions about our services or would like a consultation.

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