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Brand Highlight: Bryant

December 19, 2016

The History of Bryant

The ability to control the temperature of your property at any given time is essential to optimum comfort and convenience. Not only do heating and air conditioning systems allow you to combat the impact of the seasons; they can also make a positive difference to your health, by filtering out unwanted toxins, helping you to function at an optimum level, and allowing those suffering from debilitating conditions to access a better standard of living.

The Bryant name in air conditioning solutions has become synonymous with superior quality and dependability. In fact, many regard Bryant as the premier manufacturer in the HVAC industry; and after more than a century of providing incredible service, the company shows no signs of slowing down.

In the world of temperature control, the early twentieth century represented a time of significant technological advancement. Approaches to HVAC solutions were just emerging for the first time; as bold entrepreneurs and innovators stepped in, to take advantage of a market desperate for reliable heating and cooling products. One of the most enterprising individuals during this time was a man from Cleveland, Ohio known as Charles Bryant — founder of the Bryant company.

In an effort to join the HVAC revolution, Bryant opened a small business in 1904, called the “National Gas Regulator Company” — starting his journey by manufacturing gas-powered water heaters. As his work became universally associated with unbeatable quality, Bryant’s growing confidence prompted him to rename his business “Bryant Heating, and Manufacturing.” By the 1930s, the brand had become the leading manufacturer of gas boilers in the nation.

Soon, the Bryant company branched out into gas air conditioning — introducing an innovative system for heating and cooling in 1937, known as the “Dualator.” Ever since then, the company has been producing ever more advanced solutions for temperature control, while maintaining the unlimited trust and loyalty of its customers across the country.

Bryant Products

Over more than a century, the Bryant range has grown significantly — it now includes oil and gas furnaces, fan coils, heat pumps, boilers, air conditioners, humidifiers, packed products, and more. These products are manufactured in sites across the United States, and sold by reliable dealers with a devotion to quality service. The Bryant plants are some of the largest facilities in the world, and incorporate some of the most advanced technology; maintaining incredible standards in the production, design, and testing of equipment.

With products designed to adapt to an ever-changing market (like the 80% efficiency boiler), Bryant’s range of impressive smart products includes:

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: The incredible “Evolution” system offers the highest efficiency home cooling solutions in the country — earning the Consumer Digest Best Buy Status. The premium air conditioner offered by Bryant today is the 180B; with a SEER rating of 21, and a two-stage compressor.

Thermostats and Controls: Using the latest technology (including Wi-Fi) for interconnected control, Bryant thermostat and control solutions provide everything from basic heat management, to zoning control, and more.

Evaporator and Fan Coils: Dependable Bryant coils can improve an existing system’s SEER ratings by up to two points — a boost to your savings in energy costs.

Ductless Systems: A flexible solution to cooling and heating needs, ductless systems are perfect for areas where ductwork may be challenging. There are several multi-zone and single styles to choose from — with capacities of up to 56K for multi, and 30k for single zone.

Furnaces: The best-in-class Legacy line of Bryant furnaces includes the incredible Evolution 987m — designed to offer unbeatable efficiency, and comfort within any property.

Why Choose Bryant Products?

The long history of the Bryant brand draws attention to the many advantages the company offers its customers. For instance, their commitment to innovation has allowed them to adapt to the evolutions of the HVAC industry in impeccable style — adopting sustainability and green technology, even before the law required manufacturers to use environmentally-friendly solutions. In fact, Bryant has helped to establish some of the industry standards for energy efficiency, through highlights such as their heat pump/air conditioner combos, and ground/air-source heat pumps — which act as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional units.

The standard for quality in Bryant products has remained steady throughout the years, and the brand continues to focus on delivering dependable systems to people across the country. Every product undergoes rigorous testing for reliability, and Bryant engineers are constantly searching for new ways to improve the solutions they offer.

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Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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