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Brand Highlight: Ruud

July 19, 2016

Ruud – A Pioneer in Heating and Cooling

It’s difficult to imagine a time before on-demand heating and cooling systems allowed us to control temperature in a home, a business, or a huge property. A report published by EIA found that almost 100 million homes had air conditioning in 2011. Most of us take our intuitively-designed heating and cooling systems for granted – we expect our heating systems to reliably keep us warm during the winter, and depend on air conditioning to stay cool in the summer.

The reliability of our heating and cooling systems depends on finding a trustworthy and efficient brand. Known across the United States for their dependability, Ruud has been introducing innovative solutions to temperature control since the 1950’s, and still supplies the same high-quality service today.

The History of Ruud

Before the founder of Ruud products, Edwin Ruud, began implementing new and exciting concepts in America, many of the most affluent citizens still didn’t know the luxury of accessing hot, running water on demand. In the 1880’s, Ruud was working for an industrialist called George Westinghouse, and during that time that he began to build the very first automatic tank gas water heater. After a while, Ruud purchased the rights to his creation, prompting him to develop his own company around 1897 – a brand devoted to the development of water heating systems.

From the very beginning of his career, Ruud made an impact on the lifestyle of the average American that forever changed the way we think about water heating. A pioneer in his field, Ruud gradually expanded his innovation into the realm of cooling and heating systems during the 1950’s. Since then, the Ruud brand has evolved to become one of the most popular producers of heating, water heating, and cooling products in America – for both commercial and residential use. What’s more impressive is that the brand has maintained a constant grade of quality throughout the years, committing themselves to the creation of efficient and durable equipment.

Ruud Products

Products available in the Ruud line for heating and cooling include:

Air Conditioner Units – The popular solution for adjusting and maintaining air temperature within homes and commercial properties.

Package Units – An all-in-one system for cooling and heating, designed for homes that don’t have much room for a coil and furnace, or an air handler. Package units are usually situated outside of the property.

Heat Pumps – Devices for transferring heat around a home or property using mechanical energy.

Indoor Air Quality Systems – Solutions for cleaning and filtering the air within a property to remove pollutants and deliver healthier air.

Gas Furnaces – Heating components used to convert gas into heat.

Thermostats and Controls – Systems that allow consumers to personally choose and manage the temperature within a space or property.

Air Handlers – Systems that distribute conditioned air through the ductwork of a larger building.

Cooling Coils – Devices used to cool materials as they move through a coil.

Why Buy Ruud Products?

Today, Ruud is an industry leader in cooling and heating solutions. Each Ruud product meets and exceeds high industry standards for reliability and quality. From the delivery of raw materials to the finished product, every step in the manufacturing process is monitored for impeccable results. Ruud products are often certified and tested by third-party labs and corporations, too.

Consumers appreciate the Ruud brand because of their:

1. Warranty – Ruud provides a ten-year warranty on most products, and ultra-series products can come with a total unit replacement warranty at no further cost.

2. Two Stage Technology – Ruud provides systems that function as two-in-one, cooling the home efficiently on both normal temperature and hot days.

3. Efficiency – Ruud’s dedication to energy-efficient HVAC equipment is proven by their connection with Energy Star, an organization that promotes high energy-efficient guidelines.

4. Reliability – In 2009, Consumer Research magazine published a study that rated Ruud products as number one for reliability – with the fewest repairs and serious problems out of all brands.

About The Author

Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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