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Brand Highlight: Trane

September 26, 2016

The History of Trane

It’s safe to say that most homes across America today have some form of air conditioning — whether it’s a basic window unit, or a more comprehensive temperature control system. For most people, it’s a necessity for maintaining good health and comfort throughout all seasons of the year.

The earliest documented interest in air conditioning in the U.S. took place in 1758, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that cooling systems were actually introduced. Founded in 1885, right as the concept of air conditioning was gaining traction, the Trane brand has played an important role in the history, innovation, and evolution of air conditioning systems; which makes them an essential company to consider when looking for your own temperature control solutions.

The story of the Trane brand begins in 1864, when James Trane — founder of the company — emigrated to La Crosse, Wisconsin, from Norway. After a career in the plumbing industry, Trane chose to open his own store in 1885; he built a reputation for high quality service before he even made the move to air conditioning. Because the winters in Wisconsin could be brutal, Trane invented a new approach to low-pressure heating, known as the “Trane Vapor Heating System” — and when his son Reuben graduated college with a degree in mechanical engineering, the two joined forces to begin manufacturing operations. They established themselves as the Trane Company in 1913.

The Trane Company emerged as a pioneer in the innovative field of air conditioning, introducing previously unheard-of approaches to temperature control — such as the Trane Unit Cooler, which blew air over coils full of well water. Years later, the Turbovac became the world’s first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine; altering the foundations of the industry when it came to large-scale conditioning systems. These early innovations lead to the production of the industry-leading conditioner, the CenTraVac — which is still the most reliable, low-emission, high-efficiency product on the market.

Today, the brand maintains a significant worldwide presence, with Trane facilities for HVAC manufacturing in 29 locations across the globe. A century later, this company still focuses on the values that characterized Trane’s first business, so long ago.

Trane Products

Trane offers a diverse range of products for businesses and homeowners alike; with heating and cooling systems designed to exceed expectations, over years of consistent use. Consumers can choose from a number of options for Trane products, to find the perfect tailor-made temperature control solution for their needs.

Some products include:

Air conditioners: Trane offers a range of air conditioning options from the economical XB300, to the high-efficiency XL20i. Each unit comes with a full warranty, designed to provide consumers with a comfortable home or commercial property, all year round.

Air handlers: Designed to circulate and condition the air for better quality, Trane air handlers vary their speed according to specific heating and cooling technology; using the latest in smart technology.

Gas and Oil Furnaces: Trane produces both oil and gas furnaces in various efficiencies, from 80 to 97.3% AFUE. The current top-of-the-line furnace is the XC95m, which is a fully-modulating gas unit capable of self-calibration.

Packaged systems: Trane packaged systems maximize the efficiency of two robust machines in a single unit. Consumers can choose from gas/electric solutions, all-electric, or Hybrid systems for an eco-friendly spin.

Heat Pumps: Trane offers some of the most impressive heat pumps around, including the XL20i, rated at 9.0 HSPF; and 19 SEER, with dual heating and cooling solutions.

Ductless Systems: The brand also offers reliable cooling and heating via ductless systems, built for superior comfort and aesthetic effect.

Why Buy Trane Solutions?

The Trane brand focuses on delivering high-efficiency, high-reliability products to its consumers. Not only did their CenTraVac chiller receive the EPA climate protection award; but the company also produces the Tracer software — designed to monitor the environmental efficiency of large buildings.

Beyond environmental awareness, Trane also offers impeccable reliability — each product delivers sustainability, and is rated highly by consumer reports. As long as the instructions are followed with Trane products, each consumer will receive a warranty that covers most issues that may occur with a unit in the first ten years. What’s more, Trane uses its very own comprehensive testing system to ensure ultimate performance.

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