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Brand Highlight: Williams

February 7, 2017

The History of Williams

Over the years, several innovative solutions have emerged in the world of heating and cooling, from devices like dehumidifiers that control air quality, to air curtains, furnaces, and more. Choosing the right product for your needs is essential to keeping yourself, your family, or your workforce happy.

Williams Comfort Products represents one of the most popular manufacturers of gas and electric furnaces, fan coils, air handlers, and more in the United States. A journey that began a century ago — with the production of gas steam radiators — under the name “Williams Radiator Co.” has evolved into an incredible, multi-faceted product line.

Today, customers and distributors appreciate Williams for its high devotion to quality, its versatility, and its dedication to efficiency.

The Williams brand has been making waves in the heating and cooling industry for a little over a century. The company was born in 1916, when its imaginative founder Jesse Williams built gas steam radiators to keep residents warm in San Diego.

These radiators represented a perfect opportunity for home comfort within the growing real estate market, as developers built homes in need of a single heat source without the awkwardness of ductwork. As the years passed, Williams developed new solutions for home comfort, including the gravity wall furnace. As the business moved to national heights, fan-type counterflow furnaces emerged.

Though the product line (and name) for Williams has changed since those initial days of gas steam radiators, their dedication to quality, safety, and efficiency has remained constant. Every product built by Williams is thoroughly tested, and built by U.S. technicians in Colton, California, for quick and reliable distribution.

Williams Products

While the initial product line for the Williams brand was small, it has expanded over the years to feature numerous solutions for heating and cooling. Today, Williams provides residential and commercial options for a range of purposes. Products include:

Air handlers and fan coils: Williams carries a variety of fan-coil options, from ceiling solutions to wall-mounted models — perfect for use in offices, homes, and businesses of all sizes and shapes. Solutions range from horizontal ceiling mounts, to vertical stacks, belt-driven air handlers, and more.

Heating solutions: Williams offers a selection of heating products for all sizes of homes, including direct-vent furnaces, forsaire counterflow furnaces, vented room console heaters, and even vent-free heaters.

Air curtains: An effective solution for removing airborne contaminants from buildings and keeping temperatures steady, air curtains allow for the free movement of people around a building — without losing conditioned air. In the winter, air curtains protect warm air, while cold air stays cold in the summer.

Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers, such as the “air sponge” dehumidifier, work perfectly in existing ductwork and cooling systems, or function as stand-alone units. These solutions maintain consistent humidity levels within a home or property, fighting mold and managing air quality.

Why Choose Williams?

Distributors and consumers across the country consider Williams to be a reliable and high-quality solution to their heating and cooling needs. The company has been featured in a range of high-ranking and prestigious projects — and their solutions can be found in various landmarks such as Air Force One, the Smithsonian, and more.

Over the decades, the Williams brand has offered customers a fully-American product focused on performance and quality. What’s more, because Williams produces products in Colton, CA, they ship same or next day twelve months of the year.

Williams products often have an energy efficiency rating between 68-73. The important thing to remember is that because many products have no ductwork, there’s no opportunity for heat loss. Though Williams has already earned its place as a leading provider in the heating industry, it continues to innovate with new systems and solutions for comfort. In other words, it gives its customers the performance and dedication that they deserve.

If that wasn’t enough, even the employees of the Williams brand consider it to be an incredible place to work — the company ranks as one of the best places for satisfied employees in America. Since satisfied staff often leads to better overall productivity and efficiency, customers can rest assured they’re getting nothing less than the best with Williams.

About The Author

Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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