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Brand Highlight: Fujitsu – Leader in Ductless Air Conditioning

September 2, 2015

Facts To Know About Fujitsu

When most people hear the brand name “Fujitsu”, they think about computers, laptops, and communications devices. However, the truth is that Fujitsu, as a company, have a place within many different industries, from laboratories, to consulting, to semi-conductors. The Fujitsu General Corporation is a part of the Fujitsu group – a brand known across the world for developing some of the most significant electronic and engineering innovations ever produced. Ever since 1936 (when they were founded), the operations of Fujitsu General have developed into a thriving network across the globe.

Fujitsu General are now a leading provider of reliable and innovative products that pervade many aspects of most people’s daily lives – typically in ways that people don’t expect. While you’re checking your email on your Fujitsu laptop, you may not have been aware that the same company is supplying your air conditioning. Fujitsu have been creating air conditioning units for around four decades – prompted by a dedication to provide practical solutions for their customers’ needs.

Fujitsu Heating And Cooling Systems

A basic policy to deliver a comfortable atmosphere using environmentally friendly and high-quality products drives the Fujitsu General organization forward – allowing them to utilize years of creativity and technology in the development of new consumer solutions. When it comes to superior air conditioning, Fujitsu have established themselves as reliable manufacturers of energy-efficient mini-split ductless cooling and heating systems for both light commercial and residential applications. The brand currently offers the most efficient mini-split option in the world, in the form of the System 9RLS3H, which offers a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of 33.0. The minimum SEER rating permitted by the government comes in at around 14.0.

A frequent misconception harbored about Ductless mini-splits is that they are only sufficient for “add-on” cooling and heating, or “spot cooling”. However, Fujitsu provide multi-zone adjusted systems that can cool or heat up to eight rooms at once – ensuring comfort throughout the entire house or property.

How Mini-Split Systems Work

One of the useful things about the Fujitsu mini-split systems is that, unlike conventional HVAC systems, Fujitsu halcyon systems outdoor condenser and compressor have a slim footprint and are far quieter, many times virtually silent. These mini-splits reduce requirements for large evaporator coils and complicated ductwork through the utilization of slim indoor units which condition the air right within the room. This advantage allows each room to have its own remote thermostat to separately control its temperature. With Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Splits you can have truly balanced comfort in any home. Mini-Split systems are available in a wide variety of different options, including:

  • Stylish and elegant wall mounted units that complement all interior designs.
  • Slim ducts that are mounted within framed enclosures below a ceiling, or within the ceiling itself.
  • Ceiling cassettes that are extremely discrete – showing only the grille in the ceiling.

Comfort For Any Home

For almost forty years, Fujitsu have been manufacturing air conditioning devices and ductless mini-splits with the aim of making the world a more comfortable place. If you’re seeking to control several indoor units with a singular outdoor unit in the form of a multi-split system, Fujitsu allow you to develop and build the system that is most beneficial to your specific needs – you can even mix and match options to create your own unique cooling solution. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a system that saves energy and protects the environment, you can look into the Fujitsu split systems.

Whatever your cooling or heating requirements might be, Fujitsu General offers a wide collection of products that are comfortable within any home or lifestyle. All that remains is choosing the option that appeals most to you. So what are you waiting for? Why not find out whether a mini-split system, or multi-split system by Fujitsu is right for you?

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