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Renovating Your Home for Potential Buyers

January 8, 2016

Work From What You Have

Making renovations to your home can make your house more comfortable and more valuable. There are a lot of different ways to renovate your home, so you want to make sure you are using your time and energy wisely. By looking at what your house already has and thinking about the internal structural systems, you can renovate your home in a cost-effective manner.

Before making improvements to your home, there are several issues you need to consider. First, be sure to think about what you already have in your home. If your home only has one bathroom, adding another bathroom instead of a bedroom can significantly increase the value of your home. You can also consider what the other houses in your neighborhood have. You don’t have to make your home exactly like every other home in your area, but you can use what other people have as a guide to ways you might renovate your home. Looking at your neighborhood can also help you avoid adding too much and pricing your home out of your neighborhood. Additionally, be sure to think about if you plan to move in a few years or if you want to stay where you are. If you plan to stay for a few years, make the renovations the kind of renovations that you would use the most. After all, if you’re spending time and money renovating your home, you should be able to enjoy it.

Most Valuable Upgrades

While areas such as bathrooms and kitchens get the most attention during renovation plans, avoid skipping the infrastructure areas of the house, such as furnace or heating systems. Think of these systems as what provides support for more visual renovations. These areas aren’t as easily seen, but they are appreciated by potential buyers. Because infrastructure replacement and treatment can be very expensive, potential homebuyers will show more interest on a home that already has these issues addressed rather than one with mere cosmetic changes. Another benefit of working on infrastructure is that you will be remodeling without adding floor space to you home. Adding floor space can provide a lot of opportunities for new ideas, but it will be more expensive than working within your current floor plan because it requires adding in foundations, walls, and other expensive pieces of infrastructure.

Think About Efficiency

For any remodeling, consider looking at improvements that, once installed, will have low maintenance and energy efficiency. This is where addressing issues such as heating and cooling can give you a lot of benefits. One way to do this is by installing a ductless cooling/heating system. The ductless system provides heating and cooling that is cheaper to maintain than traditional systems. This system can also provide heating and cooling services with a simple switch of airflow. Ductless cooling is more efficient than traditional systems energy is not lost through joints in a duct. There can be more opportunities to fit a ductless system to the size of your home to avoid wasting money on more cooling system than you need. While the system can be more expensive to install than traditional systems, the energy efficiency and easy maintenance make up for the initial investment.

Curb Appeal

Another area to consider renovating is the outside of the house. This is the first thing that potential buyers see, so this is one area that definitely benefits from attention. Adding vinyl or foam-back vinyl siding provides an attractive and easily maintained outside appearance. You can also look at landscaping and lawn maintenance choices to further boost your home’s profile. Roofing is also an area that can provide a nice return.

While a renovation to your home can be a long and expensive process, you can gain some returns on the investment. By focusing on what you already have and making the infrastructure better, you can assure potential buyers that your house is a good investment for their future.

About The Author

Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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