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Top 10 Allergy Myths Busted!

September 3, 2013

Allergies – Fact Or Fiction?

Like getting in the ring and getting knocked around, allergies can take us down hard. It can be a battle to get through them but it’s nice to know what’s true and what’s false about allergies. Let’s tighten our gloves and do some allergy myth busting!

Top Ten Allergy Myths Busted

Creating A Sanctuary from Sneezing:

You may not be able to control when you breath in an irritant that you’re allergic to while your out and about, but you can bolster your defenses at home to give your body a break from the fight. The right filtration can keep your home free or at least greatly reduce the amount of junk in the air, so you can breath easy and recover. Give us a call today and we’ll come out for free to give you some options and help you achieve cleaner air!

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