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When is it Time to Break Up With Your Air Conditioner?

July 8, 2013

Your Air Conditioning Not Treating You Right?

It can be a difficult thing to tell your air conditioner, well…it’s over. It may object, but your quick to remind your a/c that it’s never there when your need it and it spends all your money, enough is enough! So when is it time to let go of your old a/c unit? Here’s a fun infographic to help you know:

San Diego Air Conditioning Replacement

What to look for in a great Air Conditioner?

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Great Warranty
  • Brand Quality
  • Professional Installation
  • Don’t buy the Cheapest!

Of course there are many other details to understand when choosing your next A/C system for your home. We have years of experience in helping customers find the right one just for them, call or contact Bob Jenson A/C for free in-home advice!

About The Author

Bob Jenson

For over 45 years, Bob Jenson has been providing quality heating and air services to the San Diego community.

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